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Project #1

Full Bathroom Remodel

Old Bathroom Floor Entrance

Old Shower Floor Enclosure

Old Shower Walls 

Old Toilet & Towel Warmer

Old Light Fixture, Mirror & Vanity Sink

Demolition Phase-Picture #1

Demolition Phase-Picture #2

Ceiling Demolition

Demolition Phase-Picture #2

Concealed Wire Splicing Behind Vanity Sink/Toilet Area- Removed And Corrected Violations

2" Shower Waste & P.Trap Demolition Prior To Relocation

Exposing Abandoned Underground Drain & Galvanized Piping 

New 2" Shower Waste, P.Trap & Drain Assembly

New #3 Rebar Installation Prior To Concrete Pour

New Closet Bend/Flange & Underground Plumbing

Underslab Heating Loop Replacement In Restroom

New Dedicated GFI Circuit & Electrical Outlets

Removed Illegal Wire Splicing & Connected Toilet & Sink Vent To Existing 2" Vent Through Roof

New Hot & Cold Water Rough Lines & Stub-Outs

New Wiring & Light Fixture Box

New Shower Floor Drain Concrete Pour 

Shower Floor Hot Mop

New Bathroom Window Framing

New Bathroom Window Installation

New Exhaust Fan, 4" B Vent Flue Pipe & Roof Flashing 

New Insulation Inside Bathroom Ceiling

New Ceiling Sheetrock & Wall Insulation

New Bathroom Moisture-Resistant Drywall Bottom

New Bathroom Moisture-Resistant Drywall Top

New 12"X14" Niches

Shower Enclosure Vapor/Water Barrier & Hardy Backer Installation

Shower Floor Floating

Shower Enclosure Tile Installation

Shower Enclosure Tile Installation- Continued

Shower Enclosure Tiling- Continued

Shower Enclosure & Niches Tiling

Finished Shower Surround Tile Installation

Tiled Toilet Wall & Backsplash

Shower Enclosure & Plumbing Trim

New Towel Warmer, Light Fixture & Mirror

New Toilet, Vanity & Faucet

Project #2

Partial Bathroom Remodel

An employee of Aqua Stat Plumbing, Inc. laying hardy backer and leveling floor prior to ceramic tile floor installation 

Removed recessed medicine cabinet and replaced vanity & light fixture

New Bathroom Paint

New Ceramic Tile- Prior To Pouring Grout

New Vanity, Faucet, Tile, Toilet and Baseboard By Aqua Stat Plumbing, Inc.

Finished Floor Tile & Toilet Installation By Aqua Stat Plumbing, Inc.

Project #3

Full Shower Remodel

Old two-piece shower stall & sliding door

Relocated Underground Shower Drain & P.Trap & Centered with New Shower Valve & Enclosure

New 36"X36" Acrylic Shower Pan Installation

New Acrylic Shower Pan Installation

Old Rough-In Shower Valve

New Shower Rough Valve- Pre Fabricated

New Shower Rough-In Valve- Installed

New Water/Vapor Barrier & Niche

Hardy Backer Installation 

Tile Installation-Start

Tile Installation- Continued

Tile Installation- Final Result-Left Side

Tile Installation- Final Result- Right Side

Service & Repair Vehicle